Ene Mauatu (Tuvalu)

"I am writing to express my countless sincere thanks to you, Kwan and Derek for the outstanding job youíve done for my case. You guys are Incredible!! Words just cannot describe how grateful I am after hearing the great news about the success of my Ministerial Appeal. You guys are superbly efficient professionals. The services that I received from you have always been the highest quality. I have always been kept well-informed and up-to-date with everything in regards with my case. I will surely recommend your service to anyone who needs proper immigration advice & assistance.Ē

Mas Athirah (Singapore)

"Aziz and I have been going in circles with the visa requirements for marriage partners & we got lost. We got really confused & didnít know the way forward. It has been an emotionally distressing time for me after my marriage & I canít join my partner in New Zealand. Thank goodness for Kwanís experience and expertise, I am now able to join Aziz and live with him. I am truly grateful to Kwan for making this journey possible.Ē

Rusila Taliyai (Fiji)

"Derek, I am speechless. Words cannot express right now my heartfelt gratitude and much relief that now my son Joeli Jnr has been granted a visa to visit us here in NZ. First itís a joy and blessing to have you on our side fighting every battle and making sure that we are looked after. Thank you and Kwan for your tireless effort towards Joeliís papers. We have come a long way I must say. Secondly, we know Joeli Jnr will be here in NZ to pay his last respects to his late father Joeli Snr and would be a closer for my son as he missed out on his late fatherís moments while he was still alive and his burial too. Lastly, on behalf of my family, we would like to convey our many thanks to Best Value visa Services esp to Derek and Kwan for never giving up and not to mention your tremendous support and brilliant service. Again once, thank you so much, we look forward to my sonís preparation in regarding his trip over and of course we are super excited to see him."

Kasanita (Fiji)

"I like to thank Mr Derek Lim, and his team at Best Value Visa Services for their continued support and advice that enabled me to get approval from the NZ Minister for Immigration for my NZ Residency. I must say that this is the best and reliable immigration advice that I ever got and I highly recommended his services to others."

Julien (Zimbabwe)

ďI am very excited and l canít explain it in words. I am still in shock that my student visa got approved. I thought my case was difficult and hopeless. I am so blessed to come across Derek. My sister (Ruth) and l would like to thank you Derek from the bottom of our hearts. Your services were very excellent. Thank you for guiding me and sharing your ideas and knowledge with us. I have already started recommending my friends and my family members to seek your advice on visa issues. Derek you are the BEST. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.Ē

James (Singapore)

ďI am beyond belief that my work visa got approved the second time around and itís all not possible without the help of Derek of BEST Value Visa. I thought my case was hopeless and I have no other options until I found them. Not only is their service very affordable but they are also indeed reliable. Derek has in-depth knowledge of anything visa related and from the moment I met them I knew I was in good hands and they didnít disappoint. I couldnít thank them enough and I hope more people reach out to Derek as a lot of people deserve guidance especially those that are in trouble with their visa application. This is a life changer for me, now I can pursue my dreams and my aspirations as well as getting the life I know I worked hard for. All the best to Derek and team, I really hope youíll have more clients to come and you have proven anything is possible. I definitely recommend them to everyone whoís looking for advice and guidance in their visa application.Ē

Arlene (Singapore)

ďI really appreciate the knowledge and professional assistance of Derek and Kwan for helping me through the challenges of obtaining my Visa so that I can reunite with my husband. I cannot believe I was given a chance to start our beautiful life in New Zealand and have a family of our own. Now I can have a good sleep and I don't have to worry anymore.Your professionalism, integrity, knowledge, advice and skills helped me gained my Visa. We will continue to tell our friends and family about your immigration services. You are the Most Trusted Immigration Advisor; integrity and trustworthy indeed. Thank you very much.Ē

Ann (Fiji)

"If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer, please look no further! Derek and Kwan are truly amazing. They are always available via email or phone. And I am very glad I chose Best Value Visa Services to help me. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs help with their immigration affairs. Thanks so much."

Joseryl (Philippines)

"Thank you Best Value especially to Derek for helping me to get my Work Visa approved. Your service was very excellent and you made your client felt comfortable in dealing with you. Thank you also for your generosity in sharing ideas and your knowledge with us."

Talei Faatala (Fiji)

"For 5 years I was unlawfully staying in New Zealand and now I am a Resident Visa holder of New Zealand - all thanks to Best Value Visa Services. This journey was a long one; now with this I can finally be able to live freely and not worry. No words can describe how happy I am with this awesome news. Thank you thank you Best Value Visa Services. The name says it all, you guys are indeed the BEST!! Woooooohooooo!!! Cheers to a fabulous year!!"

Atalani Koveu (Tuvalu)

"My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with our visas. We all know that my case wasnít easy. We want to say Thank you to families, everyone who has contributed in different ways and a big FAKAFETAI LASI LASI to Best Value Visa Services for their hard work and continuous advice and support. I am really grateful for the work you have done. I wonít forget giving thanks to my living God who always there for us in every step of the way. My family will surely recommend your services to everyone who wants help with immigration advice. You are always helpful, friendly, giving advice and able to answer our questions at any time."

Sela Tua (Tonga)

"My brother-in-law came from Tonga 3 years ago with kidney failure. We applied several times to the Immigration Authorities to extend his visa but were denied. We sought help from Best Value Visa Services and they lodged a request under Section 61 in September 2017.On August 20 this year, I received a letter from Kwan with great news that my brother-in-law has been granted a 2-year Work Visa. It wasn't an easy matter but thanks to Best Value Visa Servicesís effort and endless help, we received the great news. On behalf of my brother-in-law and his family, I would like say THANK YOU so much Kwan and Derek for your ongoing support. It meant a lot to us. I can recommend their super services to anyone who needs help and advice."

Fairuz (Singapore)

"I feel very grateful for all the help you have provided. Initially before I met you, I didn't know what I should do to apply for a visitor visa due to my complicated case. I was at my wits' end and I didn't know if I was guaranteed a visa if I applied without any help. I am very happy with the results."

Irene Eyatu (Uganda)

"Working with you was quite reassuring even when we encountered intricacies especially with INZís request for additional documents. You represented and guided us with precision until we were all able to successfully attain our visas. It has been a great pleasure working with you. I would like to extend my gratitude to you and Best Value Visa Services and strongly recommend everyone to seek your services."

Kibebe Alemu (Ethiopia)

"Selam and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work, encouragement, knowledge and professionalism in helping us to obtain her work visa. We knew that it could not have happened without you. The stressful situation was made so much easier with all your time, patience and positive attitude. You did an awesome job. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an immigration adviser."

Ines Abram (Austria)

"That's amazing. Thank you so much. I cannot be happier with your professional services and I will always recommend you in the future. Thank you for the extendable knowledge you provided and the friendly, hardworking service. You are great. Thank you so much!!"

Mikel Hoyle (Peru)

"Dear Kwan and Derek. Thank you so much! Your support has been tremendous. As always, it is a pleasure to work alongside you two, even from a long distance! Thanks for another stage completed."

Rusila Taliyai (Fiji)

"So blessed to come across Derek and Kwan. They are so determined to help us. Thank you so much Best Value Visa Services for your help and dedication. I will definitely recommend you to our family and friends."

Lusia Ranuku (Fiji)

"They are very knowledgeable on immigration issues and their service is incredible. I never had to ask them for an update. They kept me up to date on every stage of the application process even if nothing is happening and you might be waiting too long for results. Very prompt. They are polite and friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing immigration services."

Anusha Gali (India)

"You were very helpful when I first came to you as I have no idea what to do and how to proceed further with my visa application. You have responded promptly whenever we received queries from INZ. Thank you for your help."

Limo & Torika (Fiji)

"Thanks to you & Kwan for helping me through difficult situations from student visa to obtaining my Residency. I cannot even believe that it had only taken a month for my Residency approval. Now I can live in peace and I don't have to worry anymore. Thanks to you for believing in us. Your professionalism, effort and skills helped me gained my Residency. We will continue to tell our friends and family about your immigration services. You are the most trusted Immigration Advisor in NZ. Thank you so much."

Gengqi Tian & Yin Liu (China)

"Thanks to Kwan and Derek professionalism, endless efforts, and attention to details, our residence visas have been approved without drama. It was such a great moment in our lives. Kwan was with us all the way through and patiently addressed all of our concerns. I honestly don't think we could find another immigration adviser or lawyer that we could put more trust in."

Balasarananan (India)

"I saw 2 lawyers and an adviser regarding my work visa application and found their advice and service disappointing. I found Best Value Visa Services through Facebook. When I visited them, I found their approach good. They saw my job offer and said they could help. They applied online on my behalf and I got my work visa within 3 weeks. I would recommend them if you have any queries or have any immigration issues."

Maggie (Tonga)

"On behalf of my husband and I and our kids, we would like to thank you Kwan for your help. Our family had no hope here in NZ but with your services and help it gave us back hope to live and work in NZ and to have a better life for our children. Thank you and for those reading this, I highly recommend Best Value Visa Services. They have the heart for people and they do what they say."

Olivier (Democratic Republic of Congo)

"I am very happy with your service and the information and options that was provided to me."

Schirlei (Brazil)

"These guys are amazing professionals and very friendly. I definitely recommend them to my friends. Thanks to them, I donít need to use their services anymore because everything is sorted and we are very happy!"

Charanjeet Singh (India)

"Great service. We are very satisfied with the service and result. Derek and Kwan are honest and friendly people. We are so happy with the positive outcome. Thank you so much for your help and support in our matter."

Mamatha & Hari (India)

"Great service. We had a really great experience and support from you. It was less stressful as you handled all issues raised by INZ. Thank you so much."

Rosi (Fiji)

"I was not in a very good state of mind on 12 January when my husbandís work visa got declined. I rang Kwan & Derek because one of my friends, Sala, referred them to me. Man !! Iíve never seen any lawyer that listens to us like them. They really come down to our level and helped us. Without their help my family and I would have been back in Fiji. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family members. God Bless Kwan and Derek. To God be the Glory!"

Siligama & Moia (Tuvalu)

"We have been unlawful for many years in NZ. We have sought assistance from many immigration lawyers to regularise our immigration status but were unsuccessful. We were on the verge of being deported from NZ when we came to you for help. You not only stopped INZ from deporting us but managed to obtain visas for us to stay and work lawfully in NZ. We can't thank you enough!"

Christine (New Zealand)

"At the beginning of last year we came to you for immigration advice to get my parents to immigrate from England to New Zealand, and were running into many hurdles. I am pleased to advise you we have now been successful with my parents arriving just before Christmas. Thank you for being part of reuniting the family."

Seini (Tonga)

"A burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I really canít thank you enough. I can now apply for a Resident Visa. This is definitely the best Christmas present I have ever had!"

Allyson Barbara (Philippines)

"Thank you so much Derek and Kwan for helping me to obtain NZ Residency. We are really happy and very well satisfied with your service. We will definitely recommend you to our friends or family who will need help in the future."

Tomasi & Mereseini (Fiji)

"We are really grateful for Kwan and Derek for helping us to gain NZ Residency. As a principal applicant, I had no relevant qualifications or prior experience for the job I do here in NZ. Thankfully Best Value Visa Services helped me with my SMC application and I managed to get residence for my family. Kwan and Derek are so easy to talk to and they responded quickly to our every request. We are delighted with their service and will recommend them to our family and friends."

Jaipal Reddy (India)

"Both are very helpful and very careful in helping me prepare my documents. They are very patient and the way they supported me is very very helpful. Really, I am so surprised when my wife and I got our visas in less than 2 weeks. They show extra care and personal efforts on me. So I strongly recommend them to all my friends."

Josephine Cruz (Philippines)

"We were desperate for someone to help us with our situation. The professional advisers we had before couldnít help us. We are so glad to have found Kwan and Derek because they are completely professional. We feel like they are part of our family as they totally understand our circumstances and gave us the help and advice that we needed. Thank you so much!"

Sala Salome (Fiji)

"I cried when Derek and Kwan rang to tell me the good news that our residency application was finally approved. I just couldnít believe it! I thank God that I had Derek and Kwan to help me. They wrote a brilliant letter to INZ, explaining in detail why the case officer had assessed my application incorrectly and why my job should be recognised as skilled employment. I cannot thank Derek and Kwan enough for helping me and my family gain residency. I have told everybody I meet to use them if they have any immigration or visa issues."

Dorrit Chen (China)

"My case was a little more complicated than normal work visas. Kwan and Derek really impressed me with their quick responses and letters written to support my visa application and PPI. Thanks to them, my visa was approved very quickly and I could return to work. They were so professional. I will definitely seek their help for my permanent residency. Also I have recommended them to all my friends. Their excellent service is far beyond their reasonable price. Thank you again for your support for my application."

Allyson Barbara (Philippines)

"We are so happy and thankful to have known you...for helping us, for us having a hope and chance. You guys have been very helpful and kind while helping us to get my work visa."

Karthik Reddy Nalla (India)

"I needed my work visa to be approved urgently and my passport returned so that I could travel to India to get married; and then return to Auckland to start work immediately. INZ normally takes 25 working days to process an application, and I have only a week before I travel. Derek advised me on the necessary evidence to obtain to support my application and to demonstrate the urgency of my case. I submitted my application on 4th March, and things moved very fast from there. Derek rang my case officer to emphasise the urgency and 18 hours later, we received the good news that my visa was approved. Iím really very thankful and grateful for Derekís whole-hearted work on my case. Thanks for giving me the right advice to ensure approval of my visa. I would definitely recommend friends and family members to use Derekís services."

Reema Chandra (New Zealand)

"Best Value Visa Services has been wonderful to me and my needs. I feel that they were understanding of my situation and would recommend them to anyone."

Kemerworke Kassa (New Zealand)

"My husband from Ethiopia is finally coming to NZ, thanks to you! He wouldn't have been able to obtain a visa if you had not fought against INZ's decision to decline his initial application. We're both very grateful for your time and efforts spent in fighting our case. We cannot thank you enough."

Yousef Ghannam (Iraq)

"I am very happy with their services. They help with my problems."

Mie Yoshioka (Japan)

"I asked Best Value Visa Services to help me as I was struggling with how to respond to the PPI against my work visa. They took quick action to address the issues by contacting my employer and another party. They responded to INZ on my behalf and I successfully obtained my work visa in 7 working days. It was a big relief for me! I believe I could not get it without their support. Their service was excellent; they always responded to my enquiries promptly. I felt that they are very trustworthy and sincere."

Eric Yeo (Malaysia)

"Thank you for the email and the valuable information that came with it. I have decided to take up the job offer and gain some practical experiences before potentially furthering my study. In the future, if I need any assistance regarding immigration, I will definitely seek Best Value Visa Services for the services and refer any friends that might potentially be interested in the services you provide."

Deborah Murray (UK)

"My employer had really messed up my work visa application but I got the correct advice from Derek which resulted in my application being approved by INZ."

Samantha Watts (UK)

"You have been extremely helpful and I am very pleased I found out about your services through ARMs. I will definitely be asking you for assistance with my visa application. Thank you very much."

Jiana Zou (China)

"Thank you so much for helping us with our immigration issue. You are honest, professional and your knowledge of immigration law is excellent. We are very pleased with the work and service we received and have no hesitation in recommending Best Value Visa Services to our friends."

Nahar Shamsun (New Zealand)

"One word explains all - Awesome!! Very good listener. Well spoken. Will come back whenever needed."

Sala Salome (Fiji)

"We came to you with a variety of problems and you helped me and my family to resolve them from representing my son in Court to obtaining an ITA for NZ Residency. Thank you so much, Derek and Kwan."

Auxilia Nyangoni (Zimbabwe)

"I greatly appreciate the advice you provided regarding a way forward on the adoption process for my orphaned niece and nephew. This made a big difference in terms of options available. My family will pursue this and pray that we will be able to make some progress. I take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely."

Rekha Mani (New Zealand)

"We are very happy with the service. We will come back again."

Michelle Toh (Malaysia)

"I would like to thank Derek Lim from Crossing Immigration for his great service, wide knowledge of the visa requirements and processes. Trustworthy and honest. Your knowledge and understanding of the migration rules and regulations are exceptional and I'm very happy with the outcome."