We specialised in making appeals. We have the professional skills and legal expertise to do so. We are highly experienced in making appeals to local authorities.

In Singapore, we can follow through and appeal to the relevant authorities on your behalf.

  • Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) Issued By ICA
  • Student Pass
  • Permanent Residence
  • Global Investor Programme (GIP)
  • Not all pass and visa applications are approved by ICA. Each application is decided on its own merits and the authorities have the legal mandate to either reject or not to renew the application. If the application is rejected or not renewed, you or your employer is given an opportunity to submit an appeal.

    Appeal Process For Visas Issued By ICA

    ICA will write to you to inform you whether your visa application has been successful or not. Sometimes, they will contact you to obtain more documents or information prior to making a decision. If your visa application is rejected, you will normally not be given any reasons why that is the case and you be given 6 months to make an appeal against their decision.

    Making an appeal or even lodging a fresh application is not advisable if there are no changes in your circumstances ie increases in your income, change of jobs, etc.